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Research & Development

Students of IUBAT University not only focus on education but they also participate on research, software development and programming contests. This opportunity gives student an experience of real life projects developments and teamwork. Some key developments and researches are given below

Student Grading & Registration System

Deals with student automatic grading system and registration process of the students

Access Control

Bio-metrics based attendance system


It is online and SMS based software for University Automation System.


It is a software for Course Instructor Survey

Faculty Research

Rashedul Islam, Md Nasim Akhtar, Badlishah R Ahmad, Utpal Kanti Das, Mostafijur Rahman, Zahereel Ishwar Abdul Khalib

An approach to building energy clusters using particle swarm optimization algorithm for allocating the tasks in computational grid

The proper mapping in case of allocation of available tasks among particles is a challenging job to accomplish. It requires proper procedural approach and effectual algorithm or strategy. The deterministic polynomial time for task allocation problem is relative. The existence of proper and exact approach for allocation problem is void. However, for the survival of the grid and executing the assigned tasks, the reserved tasks need to be allocated equally among the particles of the grid space. At the same time, the applied model for task allocation must not consume unnecessary time and memory. We applied Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for allocating the task. Additionally, the particles will be divided into three clusters based on their energy level. Each cluster will have its own cluster header. Cluster headers will be used to search the task into space. In a single cluster, particles member will be of same energy level status such as full energy, half energy, and no energy level. As a result, the system will use the limited time for searching task for the remaining tasks in it if a particular task requires allocating half task to a particle.

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Md. Rashedul Islam, Md. Nasim Akhtar

Fuzzy logic based task allocation in ant colonies under grid computing

Extensive data analysis and a huge computational power is required in every computational grid application such as distributed supercomputing, high-throughput computing etc. Task Allocation strategy plays a vital role in the grid environment in terms of assigning the task to the appropriate ants of the colonies within a satisfactory allocation time. The uncertainty of available supply energy for completion of a task makes the allocation policy for grid computing more challenging. In this paper, we propose a fuzzy-based method for allocating the task among the members of an ant colony under grid computing and try to minimize the time consumption of task allocation.

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Students’ Research

Research Courses

The department offers a number of courses that make the students familiar with the research skills required to conduct research in computer science and engineering fields. The courses include system analysis and design, software engineering, Research Methodology and so on.

Research Initiatives

The department encourages the students to initiate researches in different areas both in narrow and wide scale. The worthy initiatives receive research grants and other supports.

Project Work/Submission

The department puts much emphasis on the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students. Learners are supposed to design and accomplish project works in many courses, and thus they enhance their research skills.


IUBAT Review

The IUBAT Review is a multidisciplinary academic jounal that the editors intend to publish annually.

Research Monographs

IUBAT has published a number of scholarly and distinguished research monographs.

Conference Proceedings

IUBAT, as a part of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing, encourages all forms of initiatives.