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To provide excellent education with knowledge and required skills those are necessary for the students to succeed in the highly competitive local, regional and global ICT markets.

To advance knowledge in CSE including theoretical, experimental, and applied computer science and engineering through nationally and internationally recognized research by faculty and students; and

To provide service to the University, the community, and the profession as well as support society by participating in and encouraging information and technology transfer.


The objectives of the program are to:

  • produce marketable graduates and entrepreneurs
  • make students efficient in conducting extensive research in diverse fields of Computer Science and Engineering
  • inculcate professional and ethical values in the students
  • develop interpersonal and communication skills in the students


To achieve excellence in teaching, research and training for human resources development to meet the challenges of ICT sector at home and abroad.



The Department of Computer Science and Engineeringwas established on January 31, 1992, as one of the pioneering departments of IUBAT, keeping in mind the rapid and widespread use of computers and information technology in all sectors of economy both at home and abroad for which highly trained computer specialists were required.

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The most important aspect of IUBAT CSE is solving problems which are essential skill for life. Students study the analysis, design, development and maintenance of software, systems and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts. Because computers solve problems to serve human, there is a significant human side to computer science as well.

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The IUBAT CSE has an outstanding track record of accomplishments. The department has developed University Automation System, University Website, Employee Attendance System and so on. The department is pioneer of arranging inter polytechnic institutes programming contest in the country and the department has successfully arranged NCPC 2018.

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Prospective Students

The promise: academic excellence and research facilities builds a tradition of excellence and pride for their influence and impact. The outcome: knowledge, skills, hands-on experience and Professionalism for become job market leader. The campus: the green and beautiful campus to pursue your academic career.

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Faculty Members

Dr Utpal Kanti Das

Prof Dr Utpal Kanti Das
Professor & Chair


Rashedul Islam
Assistant Professor & Coordinator 


Shahinur Alam
Senior Lecturer & Coordinator



IUBAT CSE aims to ensure that all of the IT services are accessible to all the CSE students. There are a number of services and assistive software packages that can help students during his/her academic life at IUBAT. IUBAT CSE student can also use free Wi-Fi, free programming training, Free training to be IT entrepreneur and email services.

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub offers free academic support services to currently enrolled IUBAT CSE students. Through a peer tutoring program, The Hub offers one-to-one appointments—in Programming, English, Math, Academic and Professional Skills. IUBAT CSE invites students to visit and receive help from students like them and caring faculty in a supportive learning environment.


IUBAT CSE intensively laboratory oriented. IUBAT CSE believes without having any hands-on experience a student cannot learn the subject-matter. Keeping this in mind, from the very beginning, IUBAT CSE has established rich laboratories. As IUBAT has no budget limit for develop and improve laboratories, each and every semester IUBAT CSE is upgrading and improving laboratories. Read more…